The Research

Research shows that gardening can change the way you feel, both about yourself and the world around you.

Gardening improves self esteem and restores confidence. After suffering a disappointment or loss, gardening puts the cycle of life and death in its proper perspective.

At the Power Plant Project we offer support to those who need it; to empower people to be involved in their own recovery and healing; and help them through specific periods of difficulty or adjustment. 

Whether you are suffering from mental or physical illness or disability, we will provide a program of activity using gardening to help you with your recovery.

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“Gardening is a medicine that does not need a prescription¼ And with no limit on dosage.”


Frankie Dowling

Frankie Dowling

Power Plant Project Manager

Facts on People Suffering Mental Health in the UK

1.7% 2.7 percent of young adults have an eating disorder
I in 4 people Have a Mental Illness
3 3 children in every class have a mental health problem

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