What do we do?

Using Gardening to bring about positive changes in the mental, emotional and physical health and well being of people.

Research shows that gardening can change the way you feel, both about yourself and the world around you.

Gardening improves self esteem and restores confidence. After suffering a disappointment or loss, gardening puts the cycle of life and death in its proper perspective.

At the Power Plant Project we offer support to those who need it; to empower people to be involved in their own recovery and healing; and help them through specific periods of difficulty or adjustment.

Whether you are suffering from mental or physical illness or disability, we will provide a program of activity using gardening to help you with your recovery

The Power Plant Project are creating a variety of gardens and outside areas which can be amongst other things: sensory, relaxing, wildlife promoting, productive, encouraging, fun and environmentally friendly. The Power Plant Project uses gardening to provide supportive and stress- free environment where you can recover and heal, while learning new skills and overcoming personal challenges. We grow plants and flowers, vegetables and fruit. We hold outdoor kitchen workshops to cook produce grown to promote healthy eating and lifestyles, run forestry and nature groups for children and adults alike. The Power Plant Project aims to sell plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit and produce made to help fund the project and to provide more services, skills and learning for clients. In addition, we assist local schools and colleges with the delivery of education enabling them to experience the great environment of North Devon.